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Course title -

Post Graduate Diploma in the Built Environment.

Course Description:

The proposed PG Diploma in Built Environment is a yearlong (12 months) 120 credit course. The contents are structured under five (5) modules and modules are clustered as ‘Bridging’, ‘Compulsory’ and ‘Majoring’ to provide the lifelong learning skills for apprentices. The proposed modules are; Construction Asset lifecycle (Compulsory – 15 Credits); Digital Built Environment (Compulsory - 15 Credits); Construction Technology (Bridging- 15 Credits); Professional Skills (Majoring - 15 Credits); Work Based Project (Majoring - 40 Credits); Elective I (10Credits); Elective II (10Credits)


The curriculum of this course is developed through an industry academia collaboration for rigorous yearlong research conducted by MKSSS’s Dr B N College of Architecture, Pune; Liverpool John Moores University, UK; and industrial partners Pune Construction and Engineering Research Foundation and Rohan Builders Pvt. Ltd. This unique course a combination of work-based learning and a classroom learning experience meant for creating industry ready professionals in the built environment. The proposed apprenticeship program offers a combination of education and skills to the students, creating innovative employer funded financing model, help organisations create their talent pipeline and help universities enhance employability of their courses.


Course Duration:

One year

Course start date:

Dec 2024


Course Format:

The course has apprenticeship model. The students will acquire work-based knowledge and skills while working in the industry for 4 days and will learn through online programs the bridging, majoring and compulsory modules. The learning will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning mode.


Course Content:

Bridging module provides appropriate knowledge and skills about construction technology; how they designed, procured, and constructed. Compulsory modules target the areas of re/up skilling and Majoring modules aimed at appropriate skills sets for achieving the target destination. The module, Digital Built Environment offers innovative learning opportunities for apprentices on digital technologies in construction. The industry partners will provide digital models (BIM) for students to learn about the Industry 4.0 applications (AR, VR, IoT, AI etc. Students will learn about Digital technologies and how DT&ICT can be embedded within the BE curriculum (design, estimate & cashflow, programming, construction and facilities management etc). The on-job training will offer hands-on experience and practical knowledge to the students.

Semester-wise course structure:

Sr. No.            Semester 1                     Credit Points         Majoring                 Credit Points


Bridging Course- Construction Technology


Majoring course-Professional Skills



Compulsory Course- Construction Asset Lifecycle


Compulsory Course- Digital Built Environment



Elective 1


Elective 2



Majoring Course-Work Based Project-1


Majoring Course-Work Based Project-2




Total Credit points-120

Instructor Information:

Course will be delivered by experts and professionals from the leading construction industry who will bring in up-to-date knowledge for the fresh graduates and early career professionals to up-skill and re-skill.


Enrolment Requirements:

Any professionals from the discipline of built environment holding diploma or graduate degree in civil engineering, architecture, construction management and project management are eligible to enrol.

Students from deprived and disadvantaged communities, and the differently abled, are encouraged to enroll in the course.


Course Benefits:

The course opens multiple pathways of career including admission of post graduate degree in India or abroad, higher posts within same organisation or elsewhere, entrepreneurship opportunities. As the course able to bridge the existing skills gap in the industry the high employability levels are expected during and after the course. The qualification will pave the way for an advanced entry to a higher degree programme in India or UK


Our strength:

The industry academia consortium ensures the delivery of state of art knowledge and skillsets to the course entrants.

The networking industries bring in resources, knowledge and industry experience for the inmates. BNCA offers a state of art IT infrastructures, advanced labs including robots, 3D printing, CNC machines, MR and VR labs for inclusion of digital technologies to strengthen the working environment. The robust learning management system offers online education where inmates can enjoy safe pace learning while networking with peers, experts and professional mentors through online forums.


Financial Aid:

This unique apprenticeship-based course offers the students opportunity to seek higher education while working. Students learn while they earn and thus, benefit from both the professional experience and higher education simultaneously.


Registration Information:

Scan to register.



Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s Dr.Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture For Women

BNCA Campus, Karve Nagar, Pune 411052, India



Contact Information:



The course will be affiliated to National Skill Development Council and Savitribai Phule Pune University

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