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Employer's Day

We at IACBE, took a significant step in bridging the gap between academic knowledge and the practical needs of the architecture and construction industry on October 12, 2023. The 'Employers’ Day' event was organized under the British Council's 'Going Global Partnership Programme' in collaboration with John Moores University, England, BNCA, Pune Construction and Engineering Research Foundation, and Rohan Developers Private Limited. This pioneering initiative brought together 73 aspiring architects and civil engineers with industry leaders from ten renowned companies.

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The event began with a guidance session that aimed to prepare students for interviews and offer insights into training and employment opportunities. Following this, students had the opportunity to interview with ten distinguished companies actively engaged in the construction and architecture sector. The day was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BNCA, and the participating companies, solidifying their commitment to providing training and job opportunities to the students. The services from these companies range from architectural consultancy, interior design, landscape design, acoustics and heat insulation consultancy, real estate development, contracting, to lighting design, and much more. 

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Discussion between academic and industry partners on possibilities of collaborative initiatives

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MoU between BNCA and Deligent Enterprises 

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MoU between BNCA and Krimiti Design Studio

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MoU between BNCA and Astute Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. 

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MoU between BNCA and ICONS Associates 

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MoU between BNCA and Rohan Builders Pvt Ltd 

MoU between BNCA and Semblence Design Studio 

MoU between BNCA and Nand Arch Creations 

MoU between BNCA and Kolhatkat-Gowaikar Associates 

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MoU between BNCA and Paramount 

MoU between BNCA and Sthapatyam Studio 

Dr. Anurag Kashyap, Principal of BNCA, expressed the significance of the initiative, stating that it seeks to bridge the divide between classroom education and the dynamic needs of the architecture and construction sector. The MoU encompasses key aspects of research, training, suitable employment prospects, work experience, and practical field study. Dr. Vaishali Anagal shared insights into ongoing research projects and the features of the syllabus being prepared for postgraduate courses. She emphasized that the primary objective of this endeavour is to provide aspiring architects with a deep understanding of current industry trends and the array of career opportunities available to them.  

Notably, over 50 female students participated in the event, underscoring the importance of diversity and gender inclusivity in these sectors. 

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The 'Employers Day' event was a remarkable step forward in creating a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry, equipping aspiring architects with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need for successful careers in the field. It exemplifies the commitment of BNCA, Liverpool John Moores University, the British Council, and industry leaders to the development and growth of the architecture and construction sector. 

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