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"Everyone talks about the academic and Industry gap and the students not being ready for stellar performance from day 1. BNCA along with Liverpool John Moores University have finally decided to take a concrete step forward. With the launch of this course we hope to welcome industry ready graduates. With it’s focus on all round practical domain knowledge and skill I am sure the students will contribute with confidence from day one.  

I was very happy to be part the workshop that aimed to deliberate on the need and scope of the PG Diploma Course in the Built Environment. The participants were well chosen and had representatives from academia, industry, industry bodies and members of architecture and engineering fraternity. The organisers had prepared in depth feedback mechanism ahead of time. This led to focused and in-depth deliberations.  The workshop itself was structured well and focused on getting pointed feedback from all stakeholders. We wish the team well to arrive at a much needed curriculum" 

- Ar. Jyotsna Joshi 

"The apprenticeship program model seems quite helpful. It will be beneficial to bridge the gap between the industry and academia and will enable students to adjust well in both the environments. It also sounds like a useful course for one's career future in this field" 

– Kyati Latkar, Forth year, B. Arch 

"It was interesting to learn about internships possible through this opportunity. A connect between practical work and academics would be helpful and would prepare students well for the profession." 

- Prajkta Gavali, Forth year, B. Arch 

"After learning about the apprenticeship model, I thought it is a great way to become ready for the industry while also gaining knowledge through academia. Having a practical experience while receiving education simultaneously sounds like a valuable experience. It would be very useful for students." 

- Saachi Yadav, Forth year, B. Arch 

"It was helpful to know more about internships and apprenticeships and PG diploma course. They provide a chance for students to learn more skills for their career through both hands-on and educational training. Even the website is a very convenient tool to get more information about the program." 

- Namita Pawar, Forth year, B. Arch 

“I'm glad that the college took the initiative for students and recent graduates. I personally am expecting for the best to happen “

-Shraddha Kalyani BNCA, Pune

“It was a different experience for me as this was the first time, I was approaching different firms at same time. It was a challenging and exciting experience. A good initiative for freshers and for internship”

-Mohak Nitin Gogate, Aayojan School of Architecture & Design.

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“Good experience of various firms. and got to know about their work. Got an idea about Professional practice in practical field. Thank you”.

-Omkar Patil., Aayojan school of Architecture

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“As it was my experience for interview, I felt it to be good and quite interactive. Overall a good experience”

-Tejal Barai, BNCA, Pune

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“Good initiative by the college. It was good experience to interact with different minded professionals”

-Harshita Jagnani, BNCA, Pune

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“It was indeed a great experience & great opportunity for students. Learned a new experience of interviews. How it works, how to talk i.e. communication skills, how to present the portfolio. Also got to know about various firms and their projects”

-Abhishek Choudhari, Aayajan School of Architecture

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“It was and great opportunity for me as it gave me a hint to interact and know the experiences of various firms and architects and also got the clue about how things actually work in field and what preparation I should be doing”

-Vrushali Pokharkar, BNCA,Pune

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“Had a great experience, learnt about working of certain firms and got idea about practice. It was a learning experience of applying and attending an interview with experienced Architects. Looking forward for more such opportunities”

-Shital Kulkarni, Aayojan school of Architecture

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“Overall the experience was good glad to get this opportunity”


“It was good experience, learnt about the firms and their approach. Also got to know about Professional Practice. Got an idea about the way forward. Thank You So much”

-Hrutik Dhanawade, Aayojan School of Architecture

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