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Research Activities

Participation at Constro 2022 ​

An annual international exhibition in construction industry was organized by the industry partner Pune Construction and Engineering Research Foundation, Pune during 12 Jan 2022 and 16 Jan 2022. A panel of British Council funded research project was included in BNCA’s stall at Constro.  Around 5000 participants visited the stall. The poster publication at Constro offered a wider visibility to the project. 

BNCA faculty explaining the research project and its proposed outcome to the participants at Constro 2022 


BNCA’s stall at Constro 2022 


Research Stage 1 

In the stage 1 of the research, interviews with experts from construction industry including architects, developers, construction project managers, facility managers, and civil engineers were conducted. The objectives of the interviews included: 

  1. To identify current knowledge and skills gaps​

  2. To investigate reasons of the industry-academia skills gaps​ 

  3. To analyze the issues faced by industries due to the knowledge and skills gaps in their current employees​ 

  4. To understand the possible mechanisms to bridge the industry-academia skills gaps 

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