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Career Guidance Program

One of the objectives of this research project to disseminate the knowledge among students, fresh graduates and early career professionals regarding the current trends in architecture and construction and the career opportunities in the built environment.  A career guidance program was organised by BNCA under the British Council’s Going Global Partnerships program in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, UK; Pune Construction and Engineering Research Foundation and Rohan Builders Pvt. Ltd., Pune at BNCA on 25th Sept 2023 between 2.30pm and 5.30pm for students, fresh graduates of architecture and civil engineering and early career professionals in the built environment. 

Dr. Andrew Ross, Emirates Professor, Liverpool John Moores University, UK; Ar. Rajesh Choudhary, a leading developer and Vice-President, CREDAI, Pune and Ar. Vinayak Thorat, Head of West region, Venkataramana Associates, a leading architectural firm in India were the eminent speakers who guided the audience. Dr Anupa Manewa, Project Lead and Senior faculty, Liverpool John Moores University, UK and Dr. Mohan Siriwardena, Project Advisor and Senior faculty, Liverpool John Moores University, UK graced the program by attending through online platform. 

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Dr. Anurag Kashyap's Welcome Address.jpg
Dr Vaishali Anagal presenting the highlights of the project to the audience.jpg
Dr Vaishali Anagal presenting the curriculum of PG Diploma Course to the audience.jpg

Dr. Vaishali Anagal presented the highlights of the research project and the curriculum of the PG Diploma in Built environment to the audience. 

Emeritus Professor Andrew Ross from Liverpool John Moores University who is currently working with a UK government quality assurance agency tasked with monitoring vocational education provision, working as an academic advisor with Manchester university, is an external examiner to UK and international universities and is a member of the RICS accreditation committee guided the audience through online platform. He talk focused on Managing collaboration for impact.  

His talk focused on three aspects, he elaborated on construction education in universities and dynamic tension in meeting industry requirements in the first part, the second part looked how codesigned research projects can lead to impactful outcomes for all parties and the third part reflected upon the success of level 6/7 construction apprenticeships in comparison with other sectors.  

Dr Andrew Ross.jpg

Prof. Andrew Ross addressing the students. 

Architect and developer Rajesh Choudhari, Vice president, CREDAI shared his journey from architectural consultancy to real estate development. His talk focused on the challenges in getting into the business of real estate development. He elaborated on the competencies and knowledge required to be successful in the real estate business.  

Ar. Rajesh Choudhari.jpg

Architect Rajesh Choudhary addressing the audience on ‘Career in real estate development’ 

Architect Vinayak Thorat, Head of west region of Venkararamanan Associates presented his projects covering a variety of asset classes and focused on emerging typologies of buildings. He talked about both the architectural design challenges and technical aspects of construction and competencies required for designing and executing such challenging projects. 

Ar Vinayak Thorat.jpg

Architect Vinayak Thorat presenting his projects to the audience. 

The program was well received by the students and fresh graduates. More than 100 students and fresh graduates from the city of Pune attended the program. The Youtube link of the program: 

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