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GGP Exhibition and Conference 

The British Council had organized an Exhibition and Conference at Delhi under the Going Global Partnership program. Our poster was selected for the GGP poster exhibition which was a visual presentation of the highlights of the Going Global Partnerships programmes in higher education. The exhibition and the conference were scheduled for 18th September, 2023 and 19th September 2023. The project partners were invited to be present during the event and give an overview of the collaborative work to the VIP's/members of the delegation through the poster.  

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 1.49.06 PM.png

Dr Vaishali Anagal and Dr Sujata Karve at the exhibition at Delhi 

Dr VA and SK at project poster.jpeg

Dr. Vaishali Anagal and Dr. Sujata Karve at the project poster in the exhibition 

The British Council hosted the India-UK higher education conference in Delhi with participants, academicians, industry experts and government officials from across 19 states in India. The members from the University Grants Commission, Association of Indian Universities, Ministry of Education attended the conference.  

Dr Vaishali Anagal at conference.jpeg
Dr Vaishali Anagal at conference (2).jpeg

Dr Vaishali Anagal interacting with UGC chairman during the GGP conference. 

Dr Vaishali Anagal  presenting the project findings.jpeg

Dr Vaishali Anagal presenting the project findings to the representatives of Indian HEIs. 

Dr Sujata Karve interacting with Indian HEIs.jpeg

Dr. Sujata Karve interacting with representative of peers in Indian HEIs 

Networking interactions1.jpeg
Networking interactions.jpeg

The exhibition and conference offered an opportunities for Indian and UK HEIs to interact and network for future collaborations. 

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