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Jayant V Inamdar

Jayant V Inamdar, an esteemed and visionary individual known for his high values and relentless pursuit of excellence, commenced his career as an independent structural consultant in 1983. What began as a small office in a Prabhat Road apartment in Pune soon grew into an impressive portfolio, comprising some of India's leading engineering companies.

This growth led to the establishment of Strudcom Consultants Pvt. Ltd, a company driven by a single-minded mission: "To create structures that offer more than what meets the eye. J.V. Inamdar has always adhered to the working on his four principles in structural design: Safety, Quality, Cost, Time. This has made him notable in field of structural design.

Strudcom Consultants adds substantial value to projects through its expertise in various areas of structural engineering, including reinforced concrete design, structural steel design, composite structure design, pre-stress design, seismic retrofitting, strengthening, shuttering/scaffolding design, structural audit, and peer review consultancy.

At the helm of Strudcom Consultants is Jayant V. Inamdar, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay with an MTech in Structures (1977). He garners immense admiration and respect internationally for his dedication and passion in the field. J. V. Inamdar's exemplary contributions have led him to be elected as the President of AESA, Pune, from 1999 to 2000, and as the Secretary of ISSE from 2001 to 2002. Moreover, he served as the Chairman of the Indian Society of Structural Engineers, Pune Chapter, during 2010-2012. Actively participated in past jury: on the panel of jury for BAI, Vice President of PCERF, Chairman of CONSTRO 2023-24, Director of managing council for MKSSS & chairman of building committee for last 7 years. Today, he imparts his knowledge as a visiting professor at various architecture colleges.


When not dedicated to his clients' projects, Jayant V. Inamdar is a keen observer of life and a genuine nature lover. Often, he can be found tending to his garden or indulging in the art of penning small verses that reflect the essence of life.


Jayant V Inamdar's visionary contributions have shaped the landscape of structural engineering, and his legacy continues to inspire professionals and students alike in the pursuit of engineering excellence.

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